Exquisite fusion of black and white chocolate with Argentinian dulce de leche.

Little Chocolate Sheep

Coming in dark, milk or white chocolate.

Chocolate Medallions

Deliciosas ovejitas en chocolate amargo, leche y blanco.

Branch Shaped Chocolate

Branch shaped white and black chocolate, very typical of the South of Argentina.

Welsh Cake

Welsh Cake

Made with brown sugar, this is an aftertaste of the European culture in Patagonian lands.

Have you tried them?

Everything you need to taste the most varied and tasty flavors of Patagonia.


Homemade jams to enjoy at tea time.

Coming in different flavours: blackberry, calafate, raspberry and rhubarb.

Our Selection of Chocolates

We offer a variety of flavours and excellent quality: milk, dark, white chocolate, with almonds, coconut… and many more!


Solid or filled white and black chocolate… A flavour explosion in all their shapes.

What do people say about us?

“Excellent place! Everything sooooo delicious! I always choose you. Great service by the staff.”

Mario Ruben

“All your products are very tasty. What you do is simply excellent to all those who've been consuming for years and keep choosing you. ”

Josh Stich

“Luscious all what you can get at this place. Absolutely recommended!”

Stella Marys Gordillo
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A long time ago…

The Factory

The building that houses the factory is inspired by the traditional Patagonian estancias, for which each space was recreated with accuracy and respecting the style that the pioneers printed in their constructions.

The research on the Southern style and the design of the building were carried out by the Architect Manuel Rosso.

The Elaboration

The quality that we have achieved is the result of a lot of dedication, in every process of production, communication and distribution. We use the best raw material to create handmade chocolates, cakes, sweets, alfajores and more!

We love to receive the visit of those who come to know us more in depth. So we hope to see you soon…

We Built Lasting Relationships

“We greatly value the presentation of our products. Our packaging is of refined quality, ideal for business gifts and special occasions.”

“ The chocolate of Ovejitas de la Patagonia is the result of a family’s vision, of a whole trajectory of investigation and refinement.”

“ We have multiple packages and promotions for the customer to find what he is looking for, so we can adapt to his needs and requirements.”


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